The person who burned a bill to disinfect the corona

Lee, who lives in Pohang, Gyeongsangbuk-do, has heard rumors that sterilizing effects can be achieved by putting banknotes in a microwave oven. And in order to prevent Corona 19, 36 sheets of 50,000 won were placed in a microwave oven and operated.


Instead of disinfection, the bills put in the microwave were burned, and many were damaged. Eventually, Mr. Lee was compensated for only half of the 34 damaged currencies. He lost 850,000 won in an instant. Cases of damage caused by fake news about the prevention of Corona 19 continue.



It is said that putting the bill in the microwave and turning it has the effect of disinfection. In fact, many people believe in the sterilization effect of microwave ovens and put various objects in the microwave oven.




 However, when the microwave oven is operated with the bills in it, holograms and silver wires attached to the bills react with the microwaves of the microwave oven to catch fire. As the misinformation spread, more and more cases of exchanging burned currency at the Bank of Korea currency exchange counter are on the rise.



An official at the Bank of Korea said, “Even if you put a bill in the microwave and turn it, the virus disinfection effect is unclear.”

Never place objects in the microwave for disinfection.

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