American University Announces Cancellation of Exchange Student at Seoul National University

Among American colleges and universities, places that set quarantine policies for domestic students are emerging now

In some places, the exchange student program has been canceled unilaterally, and it is feared that the damage will return to students with the start of the semester.


KIM, who is currently attending Seoul National University, was scheduled to participate in an exchange student program at a university in the United States starting on the 28th.


However, 10 days prior to departure, I was notified by an American university of the sudden cancellation of the exchange student program.


KIM (interview)

-“For 14 days, I just received an e-mail saying that I had to quarantine myself. As I was making an international call, I said that I would start a meeting because there was no internal discussion yet, and suddenly I was notified of the cancellation of an exchange student.”


The US university said it was a pity to cancel the exchange student program via e-mail, and that it was because they could not provide quarantine facilities.


An American university official also explained that in a phone call with MBN, he sent an email to Seoul National University three times for consultation, but did not receive an answer.


Eventually, as the self-isolation policy of American universities and the easy response of Seoul National University were added, only students suffered.


The bigger problem is that other American universities such as Stanford and UC Berkeley are also setting up a quarantine policy for Korean students who are in ‘Travel Alert Phase 3’.


With the start of the semester in front of the nose, students are concerned about further damage.


However, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs said, “I know it is not an official policy of the US government.”

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