Binggrae Supercon new singer ‘Yoosan Seol’ model

The popularity of the new trot singer Yoo Seong-sul is Son Heung-min’s ‘Superson’ class.
On the 13th, Binggrae announced that the new trot singer  Yoo Seong-seul was selected as the Supercon model.

‘Yoosan Seul’ is a character created by broadcaster Yoo Jae-suk while challenging trot singer in MBC entertainment program <What do you play? He released a song such as ‘Hapjeong Station Exit 5’ and ‘Redevelopment of Love’, which made him a hot topic. Binggrae plans to continue the “Superson” craze last year by introducing a new trot-like CM with the slogan of “Kookmin Kon, Supercon” in this advertisement for the Super Cone. In order to promote the new CM song, Binggrae plans to carry out the ‘Supercon Trot Challenge’ following the ‘Supercon Dance Challenge’ last year.

Binggrae will release an advertisement video modeled on ‘yusansul’ on the Binggrae YouTube channel.
 In addition, the MBC <What Do You Do When You Play?> Is also planning to broadcast an advertisement shooting site.
Binggrae’s Binggrae Ice Cream SNS has posted a teaser image for new model use and has raised expectations for the new model.

Binggrae Supercon launched in April 2018 and raised 10 billion won in sales that year.
Supercon puts differentiated taste and rich toppings as competitiveness.
 Bold marketing using popular models such as idol group Wanna One and soccer player Son Heung-min is also analyzed as the cause of market settling.
An official from Binggrae said, “As a result of the success of marketing activities modeled by Son Heung-min last year, we have made a great deal in raising SuperCon sales and awareness.” “This year, we intend to continue the growth of Supercon by using ‘Yoosan Seul’ as a model.”

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