GAL S10 5G cut 250,000 won

Three companies from SK Telecom, KT, and LG U Plus lowered the price of the Galaxy S10 5G model all at once.

This is the second time since the factory price was cut once at the end of last year.


 According to the industry, SK Telecom and LG U + lowered the Galaxy S10 5G 256GB model from 1,248,500 won to 998,800 won, and the 512GB model from 1,281,500 won to 1,030,800 won. The cut price is 249,700 won for both models.

Prior to this, KT also cut the Galaxy S10 5G shipment price to the same level on the 10th. This is not the first time the Galaxy S10 5G has been issued. In November of last year, the three mobile carriers cut 256GB and 512GB models by 148,500 won and 275,000 won in six months after launch. The initial shipment price of the Galaxy S10 5G is 1,397,000 won and 1,556,500 won, respectively.


This seems to be due to the exhaustion of the old model inventory following the recent launch of the Galaxy S20 5G. In addition, it is analyzed as a strategy to revitalize the 5G market by raising the sales volume of 5G models by lowering the shipping price.


An official from the telecom industry said, “Usually, the shipping price may drop before and after the successor model is released. “It seems to be a strategy to increase sales.”



With the merger of SK Telecom and LG U +, the price of the Galaxy S10 5G from three mobile carriers dropped simultaneously, but the public support remained the same as before.

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