Housing in Korea: Economy tips

Every tourist or foreign and Korean people know that living in Korea is expensive.


But there are so many options where you can live cheaply in Korea. And here they are.

1) If you are а tourist  with a minimal budget, then of course hostels. In Korea, and especially in Seoul, there are a lot of hostels where you can live even better than in hotels. And yes, the big plus of these hostels is that you get to know other tourists and can become best friends forever. Only if you are sociable.

2) If you are a student, then try to live in University Dormitory. Because the most interesting times are when you live in a dormitory with roommates .

And if it’s not so easy, look for rooms in a sharehouse where there is no deposit.

If you do not know why everyone says that housing in Korea is expensive, then this is because of the deposit.

3) And if you have enough money or you already work and earn money by yourself, then look not far from your work or university for oneroom. Look carefully, carefully and with a real estate company it will be more trusting.

And the cheapest option to live in Korea is goshiwon. One small room where you probably will not have your own space, or maybe you will. It already depends on where you will live. It usually is a very small room with only a bed, and you choose “options” such as having a private bathroom or a window.

Above all, try to search carefully and more economical options.

And if you are a tourist, then just spend your time in Korea as you dreamed!

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