Introduction of Wangsimni Chicken Shop ‘Chilchil Kentucky’

The food I will introduce today is chicken that Koreans love.

Among them, we introduce ‘Chilchill Kentucky’, a popular chicken shop in Wangsimni these days.

Chilchill Kentucky is a famous shop in Sinchon. It was also popular in Busan, but finally there was a shop in Wangsimni.



The characteristic of this shop is that the plate looks very large by placing the chicken in a very large bowl, as seen in the photo.

In addition, they are served with french fries, similar to the French fries offered in the regular potato fries and moms touch hamburger shops. So it is a great advantage to be able to enjoy various fries together with chicken.

The taste of chicken is also very diverse. There are various menus such as fried, seasoning, soy sauce, garlic, maracas, and chili. Another advantage of this store is that the price of boneless chicken is the same as the price of boneless chicken. This is a very good thing, compared to the fact that ordinary stores receive 1,000 won more than boneless chicken.

Various side menus are also available. You can enjoy a variety of menus at a reasonable price, including shrimp and other parts of chicken.

I can’t miss the beer when I eat chicken. Beer is also good because you can enjoy it at 500cc for 3500 won.

Currently, this store is not long before we are doing a 1 + 1 event. Because of the corona, there are not many customers, so these days, shops are holding various events. You can eat two at a price of one, you can eat one at a price of half, and you can enjoy a chicken + side menu at a price of one.

If you don’t like going out because of Corona, enjoy it by delivery.

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