‘Retirement, Reversal’ Park Yoochun

Park Yoo-chun, who overcame the retirement declaration and resumed activities, seems quite excited these days. He fulfilled his duty of enlistment and defense in 2015. However, he has many problems, such as prostitution and marriage. So, he hasn’t been in broadcasting for five years, but has recently resumed broadcasting.



Park Yoo-cheon was named as a drug-doing accomplice by ex-girlfriend Hwang Hana. He said he would retire if he had drugs. Eventually, however, it turned out that he had drugs. The methamphetamine component was detected in the body. Eventually, the prosecution investigated the charges.



Later, during the trial, Yoocheon Park showed a tearful reflection. As the charges were proven, the public only knew that Park Yoo-chun was retiring.


However, Park Yoo-cheon, who held a fan meeting in Bangkok at Chang Wattana Hall in Bangkok, Thailand in January, said, “I will overcome the situation well and try again.” Recently, we opened an official SNS and uploaded photos taken at the shooting site to actively communicate with fans.

The public’s eyes other than the fans watching this are cold. Park Yoo-cheon’s self-sufficiency, which was sentenced to two years of probation in June-prison of July last year for charges of methamphetamine, surprisingly ended in just half a year.


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