Study Abroad: Scholarships in Korea

Studying in Korea is a lot of people’s dream. But many people do not know about scholarships in Korea.

So if you think it’s impossible to study in Korea for free, then you’re wrong.

1) University scholarships

Almost every university in the world has its own scholarships. When you apply and send your documents, you should make them perfectly. Good motivational letter, excellent school grades, and the TOPIK or/and IELTS results.

Yes, it seems hard but everyone know that for scholarships this documents are important in every university.

2) Government scholarships

There are too many sites where you can find about government scholarships of Korea. The most popular scholarship among foreigners is Korean Government Scholarship Program. This scholarship provides benefits such as a monthly allowance, free tuition, etc.

To win this scholarship, you must own the best possible documents and respond to the interview with confidence.

3) Fellowships of professors

Perhaps your university will have some scholarships from some professors. And you can and should follow this in a conversation where you sit with fellow students, discuss a presentation, etc.

Do not miss such chances. Never.

And every week, just look for scholarships in different sites.

Perhaps you will find some news from different organizations there. In Korea, there are a lot of organizations that provide assistance to students. And do not forget to study hard, take the TOPIK and Ielts.

You can find tips on how to prepare for the TOPIK and essays in our previous posts.

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