“I hate bad breath” … Unexpected special in ‘mask prison’

Gum and candy sales increased 28% due to bad breath

Trouble care sales increase due to long-term mask wearing

With the new type of corona virus infection (Corona 19), the number of cases where masks are worn for a long time has increased, and products that can prevent bad breath and skin problems are enjoying unexpected specialties.


According to the convenience store industry, more consumers are looking for snacks when purchasing masks this year. In GS25, gum and candy sales rose 21.8% and 28.4%, respectively, from the same month last year. Oral cleanser sales increased 19.5%.

By product, there was a tendency to buy candy rather than chewing gum, which is difficult to discard.

In fact, as a result of a survey conducted by Gallup Korea on 1,000 adults nationwide on the 4th and 6th of last month, 79% of all respondents said they had experienced wearing a mask since Corona19. This is five times higher than the response rate (15%) of wearing a mask at the time of the spread of MERS (Middle East Respiratory Syndrome) in 2015.


Trouble care products also enjoyed Corona 19 special. This is because the number of consumers complaining about troubles due to the increased friction of the skin due to wearing a mask for a long time.


According to LOHBs, in the last month (February 13-March 12), trouble care product sales increased by 89% compared to the same period last year. In Olive Young, sales related to trouble care also increased by 42%.


Looking at the product group, the sales of ‘patches’ applied to local areas where trouble occurred were up 32%.



Trouble care products usually increase in sales in April or summer when yellow dust or fine dust is severe. However, due to concerns about the recent spread of Corona19, the company analyzed that the use of masks became common and sales of trouble-related products increased.


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