Ministry of Food and Drug Safety “The production of KF80 masks will definitely increase from next week

The government predicted that KF80 ‘mask production will increase from next week. The government is encouraging the production of ‘KF80’ masks that contain less essential ingredients instead of ‘KF94’ to increase the supply of health masks.


Sang-Bong Kim, Director of Bio-Pharmacy, Ministry of Food and Drug Safety, said in a briefing on the supply and demand of masks held at the headquarters of the Osong Food and Drug Administration in Chungbuk on the 14th. Visible results will begin to appear next week.

KF80 products account for only 5% of KF80 products and 2 ~ 3% of KF99 products in the entire domestic mask market. KF94 products account for the remaining 92-93%.


The Ministry of Food and Drug Safety (FDA) is encouraging the conversion of production facilities, considering that if the mask factory produces KF80 instead of KF94, production can increase up to 1.5 times.


The core material of the mask is the MB (melt blown) filter, which takes 20-30% more when making KF94.


The Ministry of Food and Drug Safety (KF80) believes that even masks of KF80 or higher are effective in preventing infections, and has announced that it will support the facility conversion cost as much as possible to induce KF80-oriented production.


The KF written on the health mask is an abbreviation of ‘Korea Filter’, and the number stands for particle blocking performance, and the higher the number, the better the particle blocking performance.

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