Part time jobs: D-2 and D-4 visa holders

Many foreigners who will be in Korea for a long time try to get a job to support for themselves. But not everyone can work, namely those who have valid visas.

To note, student visas such as D-2 and D-4 will not be able to work the first six months. 

And even after six months, there is a job restriction for students. 

It depends on the results of the TOPIK how many hours (10-25 hours) you can work per week. And at the weekends and holiday time there are no restrictions.

Remember that this depends on your performance and grades too.

There are various jobs that you can do, but first, here’s what you should do:

1) Before you will start, you should take three documents as:

Company Registration Number(사업자등록번호),Part-time worker’s permit(계획서),Passport(여권).

2) Go to the immigration center with these documents and get a permit document(허가서) that you are officially working.
Without this document, you will be considered as a lawbreaker.

And here is a list of works that students can do:
1) restaurant or café waitress;
2) freelancer writer or redactor 
3) part-time office helper in the international team in your university

And the rest of the work that will not interfere with your studies.

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