Samsung Electronics, finally, 40,000 won… “Low price opportunity”

The price of Samsung Electronics, which had recently plummeted, eventually fell to 40,000 won.

This is because foreigners’ sales are concentrated. Securities companies advised to use short-term stock price adjustments as a low-priced buying opportunity.




On this day, Samsung Electronics finished trading at 49,950 won, down 850 won (1.67%) from the previous day.

The share price, which had fallen to 46,850 won, rose to 51,600 won in the afternoon, but ended up falling. The stock price of Samsung Electronics, which exceeded 60,000 won before the outbreak of the new corona virus infection (Corona 19), was shocked by the foreign offensive.


Foreigners sold Samsung Electronics in the past month (February 13-March 13), excluding 4 trading days. Also on this day, foreigners sold their shares of Samsung Electronics 557 billion won.




Foreigners sold only a total of 5.5387 trillion won in the KOSPI market this month only as the Corona 19 crisis spread. Of these, Samsung Electronics’ net sales amounted to 2.52 trillion won.


On the other hand, individuals bought Samsung Electronics in the past month, excluding 3 trading days. During this period, Samsung Electronics became the number one individual net buyer.


The balance of credit transaction loans by Samsung Electronics was 5,535,000 shares on the 11th, 2.5 times higher than 2.1 million shares earlier this year. Credit loans seem to indicate that individual investors borrow money to buy and sell stocks, and judge the current share price as a low-priced buying segment.


Securities firms are advising Samsung Electronics to take advantage of the low-priced buying opportunity, expecting earnings to soar starting in the second quarter of this year.

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