Today with Lee Jong-suk!

Lee Jong-suk is one of the most dreamy and well known Korean actors in Korea who also has a lot of fans around the world who believe he is extremely cute , attractive, and irresistible!! 

Most of his fans think that he is a good-looking guy who has a cute and charming behavior while he can be so manly and rough at times!

What else do you want in a man? Right?:)


While some of the Korean drama lovers are not fond of his works, others believe that adds to his cute look and behavior; he also is an outstanding actor!

Anyhow, there is one thing almost all Korean drama lovers admit is his love for his fans!! He has excellent communication with them by arranging fan meetings and by managing his social media while lots of actors are not as vibrant as he is!


Today together, we are going to have a brief look at his life and works!


Lee Jong-suk (Korean: 이종석)was born on September 14, 1989, in Seoul. He started his work in 2005 as a runway model, becoming the youngest male model ever to participate in Seoul Fashion Week. After his achievement as a model. Later,he continued his career in modeling and acting.

He is one of the most active actors in Korea and has lots of works in his resume; some of his movies are The Face Reader (which was a hit!)(2013), Hot Young Bloods (2014), and V.I.P(2017).

Also, he has lots of popular dramas, some of them are, High Kick 3 (2011-2012), I Can Hear Your Voice(2013) School 2013 (2012-2013) , Pinocchio(2014-2015) W, Two Words Apart (2016) and While You Were Sleeping (2017).

I recommend watching “Face Reader” and don’t forget to put a box of tissue beside you!:D

He began his military service on March 8. 2019 and expected to be discharged on January 2, 2021, however, due to his knee injury at age 16, he is going to fulfill his military duty as a public service worker!

These days Lee Jong-suk fans are sad and gloomy because he will be abscent for two years due to his military service that it is mandatory for all Korean men at one point in their lives.

But I am sure he will be back with more exciting projects!

So let’s watch his recent work soap opera “Romance is a Bonus Book”,while waiting for him!

Take care Lee Jong-suk and come back soon!!:)

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