Trump, Macron … Praise Korean Corona Response Model

A new type of corona virus infection (corona19) is spreading out of control around the world. In response, countries around the world are looking for a solution in South Korea’s “front response” method, which was first challenged by Corona 19.


In Germany, where the corona 19 confirmed surged more than three times in 4 days from 1112 on the 9th to 3,400 on the 14th, attention is paid to Korea’s transparent way to deal with corona 19.


Weekly Spiegel reported that “no country is better prepared for corona epidemic than Korea.” “It’s a best practice,” says Christian Drosten, a virus authority at the Charitte Hospital in Berlin. Germany would also be desirable if it could reach this (high) screening rate, ”


Germany, unlike Wuhan in China, introduced that Daegu was not blocked. ‘Koreans are trying to show how democracy responds to the virus, which has put civil liberties on the testbed around the world,’ the German newspaper emphasized transparency, community awareness and superior medical technology.



“We’ve been discussing with pharmacies and retailers to do drive-through tests at key locations designated by the health authorities,” said Trump.



President Moon Jae-in and French President Emmanuel Macron also spoke on the 13th and discussed ways to coordinate the two countries to overcome Corona 19. The call was made at the request of President Mark Long for 35 minutes from 6:45 pm to 7:20 pm.

 The two leaders shared the awareness of the seriousness of Corona 19, which has recently spread as a ‘pandemic’. “We pay homage to the Korean government overcoming Corona 19 in a transparent and efficient way,” said President Macron.

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