Cancellation and acting, astronomical damage… Tokyo in shock

If the Olympics don’t open 

It disappears in the air of 35 trillion won invested in Japan.

1 trillion won even with insurance


Trump “It’s better to delay a year than a spectator.”

Even if it is postponed, the maintenance costs related to the Olympic Games are beyond imagination.

With the corona 19 pandemic, the chances of the 2020 Tokyo Olympics being canceled or postponed are increasing.


The Japanese government and the Tokyo Olympic Organizing Committee, including the International Olympic Committee (IOC), which holds the final decision, still express their willingness to do so, but even President Donald Trump expressed concern.

 President Trump said, “I’m not going to speak directly to Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe, but it will be better than holding without an audience.”

In a phone conversation with Prime Minister Abe following the comments, President Trump said, “I support the (transparency) efforts of the Japanese government.”


However, President Trump’s remarks are expected to have a considerable burden on the IOC and the organizing committee. If the Corona 19 spread among the participants after the enforcement, criticism of the excessive holding was inevitable.



The Japanese government and the organizing committee reiterated that they did not consider any suspensions or delays on the same day. At the press conference, Seiko Hashimoto’s Olympic prize manager emphasized, “I don’t think about stopping or acting at all.”




Even if the holding is postponed, it is not that simple. First of all, the maintenance of the facility itself is enormous. The newly constructed swimming stadium ‘Tokyo Aquatic Center’ for the Olympic Games and canoeing stadiums cost hundreds of millions of yen in maintenance costs annually.


An official from the Tokyo Metropolitan Government said in an interview with the Asahi Shimbun, “Considering not only facility maintenance but also labor costs and expenses, there will be a significant additional cost for maintaining the entire stadium.”


Another problem is the Tokyo Olympics Athletes’ Village Apartment, which has already been sold. According to the current schedule, a total of 5632 households are expected to move in March 2023. If the Olympics are postponed, there will be unexpected costs such as the issue of compensation payments to those who have been sold.



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