‘Close dance’ at a club of 200 people without masks

Corona Dangerous Zone Itaewon, Gangnam Club

After the heat check, the mask recommendation
9 out of 10 people don’t use it properly

Intensified focus on some clubs
Another concern


It is 3:00 am on the 15th. Although it was an ambitious time, Itaewon Street in Yongsan-gu, Seoul, was full of people to enjoy ‘Burning Saturday’.

In front of the stairs leading directly to a club on the first basement level near Itaewon Station, about 10 young men dressed in black skirts, high heels, gray hoodies and blue jackets were waiting for the entrance.
At the entrance, it seemed to be aware of Corona 19. `All guests are advised to wear a mask. All guests were given a notice stating that they would enter after checking the heat and using a hand sanitizer.
However, when entering or exiting, the procedure was to check the face and put a thumb on the ID card.

As I entered the underground club, an amazing scene unfolded with the full of smoky smoke.

 On a large stage of 160m2 , more than 200 people danced in close contact with each other without wearing masks.
 Even if it minimizes contact with people or meets people, it is difficult to find ‘social distance’ that is more than 2m away.
In order to move from the inside, it is necessary to pass through the crowds, and body contact, such as the shoulder or arm, often occurs.

The Itaewon club I found on this day seemed to have come to the ‘Corona 19 no wind zone’ even though the Corona 19 was easy to spread.

Only 1 in 10 people seemed to wear masks in the club.
The person wearing the mask also talked down the chin.
 DJs playing music with the club staff did not wear masks. Rather, they all encouraged them to sing along loudly or to play in their seats and radiate youth.
The club exposed the risk of corona19 infection.


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