Request from the Secretary-General of WHO “BTS, Corona 19 ‘Hand Washing Challenge’

The World Health Organization (WHO) Secretary-General, Thawardos Adhanom, called for resignation, continues the “Hand Washing Challenge” to prevent corona19, a new type of coronavirus infection. The Secretary-General asked BTS to join the challenge.

Secretary General Adhanom posted a video titled “The Safe Hand Challenge” on his Twitter on the 13th. In this two-minute video, the secretary-general was divided into 11 steps to wash hands. In addition to the video, the Secretary-General asked the world-famous celebrities to participate, including Korean BTS, Microsoft founder Bill Gates, singer Katie Fay, and actor Arnold Schwarneger. This means that celebrities will participate in the challenge and spread the 11-step hand washing method to the whole world.


Some analysts also analyzed that Corona 19 was intended to appease the criticism of the WHO rule when the Corona 19 reached a pandemic state. In the meantime, Secretary-General Adhanom has been accused of reacting comfortably to China’s notice and raising the situation.

The word “Wuhan Organization”, not the international health organization, also came out.


Soon, on 31 January, the world’s largest petition site ( even came up with a petition titled, “I urge the resignation of WHO Secretary General Gerber Jesus.” More than half a million people from all over the world joined.

This is the day after WHO declared an international notary public health emergency with Corona 19.

BTS fans ‘Ami’ who heard the news, as well as netizens around the world strongly criticized the secretary general. “Don’t use BTS,” “When do you ignore Korea, when do you ask BTS for help now?” “Dokdo is labeled as Japanese land and there is no concern.”


Previously, WHO was controversial because Dokdo and Ulleungdo were marked on the Japanese map on the homepage.

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