The K-POP digital music market was frozen

Although Zico Any Song hit a big hit in the music market, the total usage of the digital music market decreased due to the influence of Corona19.


It was found that the use of digital sound sources decreased by more than 10% last year.

 With the expansion of Corona 19, the use of digital content is increasing, and only the music market showed the opposite.


 It is analyzed that as the number of telecommuting workers nationwide increases, the use of sound sources by office workers has drastically decreased.

According to the Gaon Chart run by the Korea Music Contents Association on the 16th, the ‘sound source capacity’ in February decreased by 11.7% compared to the previous delivery.



 This is in contrast to the large increase in the use of non-face-to-face contents such as YouTube and Netflix due to the spread of Corona19.

 In particular, considering that the singer Zico’s ‘No Song’ hit the public in the music market, and the number of business days increased due to the leap month, the decline is more unusual.


Gaon Chart analyzes that the decrease in the use of digital sound sources has been influenced by the spread of ‘work from home’. It is an analysis that the ‘special time for commuting to work’ has disappeared, focusing on the use of 3040 households’ sound sources.



Because of Corona 19, the karaoke recession led to a decrease in the use of sound sources.

‘I’s One’ sold 400,000 copies last month with their first regular album, ‘Bloom Eyes’.


Apart from the recession in the music market, the music market saw the ‘BTS effect’. This is the first time BTS has sold more than 4 million copies in a single album.


Corona19 is expected to negatively affect global K-pop concerts due to global spread.

 “It is expected that Corona 19 will have a fatal and negative impact on the offline sector of the music industry,” said Kim, a senior research fellow.

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