BTS TOUR-Unexpected Corona 19 spreads in the US

The group BTS’s world tour has come a month ahead, but it is still unclear whether the world tour will take place.

BTS will launch the ‘2020 map of the sour tour’ USA schedule on April 25 and 26 at Levis Stadium in Santa Clara, California, USA.

However, the world tour’s first venue, Levis Stadium, was closed due to the spread of Corona 19, and an emergency took place.

 On the 12th, Levis Stadium announced on its official SNS that “Levis Stadium will be closed from March 13 until further notice in light of guidelines issued by the federal government to prevent the spread of Corona 19.”

However, since the spread of Corona19, which has become an international infectious disease that has swallowed Europe and North and South America beyond Asia, is still unsatisfactory, it is not known how long the concert will continue.

Above all, local corona19 confirmers are rapidly increasing, so the possibility of long-term closings cannot be ruled out.

According to CNN on the 15th (Eastern Time in the United States), there were 3,100 cases of Corona19 in the United States. This is an increase of 1,000 in two days after it broke through 2,000 in the previous day.
As the rate of spread is not good, each state is taking its own steps, such as closing school and prohibiting night traffic.
The US government is committed to preventing the spread of Corona19.

The BTS’s Americas tour starts with the performance of Santa Clara, followed by Los Angeles, Dallas, Atlanta, New Jersey, Washington DC, Toronto (Canada), and Chicago in May.
After that, it will be scheduled for a European tour from London to Berlin and Barcelona from July, following a Japanese performance from June to September.

European performances have been around for three months, but in Spain, a state of emergency has been declared. So the local atmosphere is not good.

It is still unknown whether the US tour will proceed normally. Big Hit Entertainment said, “If there are changes, I will notify you.”


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