US media “Introduction of Korea’s success story”


Compare “Moon Jae-in vs. Trump who missed an opportunity to hesitate”

South Korea Ranks No. 1 in Corona Screenings per Million People “Best Practice in the Chaos”




Foreigners around the world are paying attention to the Korean government’s response to Corona19.

 The Washington Post (WP) reported an article comparing and analyzing the case of Korea and the United States on the 17th (Korea time).


The WP wrote an article titled “Korea’s Success Myth that Reveals America’s Failure to Respond.”


The article explained, “In the early stages of Corona 19, Korea was one of the most affected countries except China.” “The aggressive response (of the Korean government) has set a good example in ‘The Chaos’.”


WP said, “Unlike the Trump administration’s mistake, the Korean government has tried to implement a large-scale screening system quickly and try to deliver transparent information to the public in a crisis.”


“Of the more than 8,000 confirmed cases identified in Korea so far, 75 have died,” said the WP. “The mortality rate is lower than the global average of 3%.”


Foreign Minister Kang Kyung-hwa stressed the importance of virus screening in an interview with the BBC on the 15th (local time), saying, “We can make early discoveries and minimize bigger threats.”


WP said that Korea’s △ advanced screening medical system △ transparent information delivery △ SARS and MERS countermeasures at the time were combined to create a successful case.



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