Gyeonggi-do “PC room, karaoke room, club ‘close access restriction’ administrative order

In order to prevent the spread of the new corona virus infection (Korona19), Gyeonggi Province issued an administrative order to limit the ‘close access’ to some 15,000 multi-use facilities such as singing workshops, PC rooms, and clubs.


Governor Lee Jae-myeong held a press conference on the afternoon of the 18th and said, “Even in difficult economic conditions, we tried to avoid economic restrictions as much as possible.”

 However, although it is a small-sized group, there is an unavoidable risk of droplet infection. “We are ordering administrative restrictions for business from today to April 6, based on how to prevent infectious diseases

As a result, ▲ Appointment of the person in charge of infection management in these establishments ▲ Wearing of masks for all users and employees ▲ Prohibition of entrance to bequest boxes such as fever, laryngeal pain, and cough (the employees check twice a day) ▲ User list creation and management (name, contact information, entry and exit) Time, etc.) ▲ Hand disinfection for all entrants ▲ Efforts to maintain the maximum distance between users ▲ Periodical ventilation and 7 items, including disinfection and cleaning, before and after each operation, were suggested.


The administrative order will take effect immediately and will continue until April 6, when schools of all levels start school. The province was given a six-day transition period until the 23rd, and from then on, a strong crackdown will be conducted with the municipalities.

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