‘Happy Together’ season 4 ends, return after reorganization

KBS representative entertainer “Happy Together” will begin restructuring after Season 4.


On the 17th, a media reported that the “Happy Together Season 4” is about to end.

However, KBS said, “Happy Together Season 4 ends the season after the last recording on the 28th.”

 It is clear that this is a reorganization, not a continuation.


Happy Together, which started broadcasting in 2001, continued for 19 years. It was loved by combining talk shows with various concepts such as ‘tray karaoke, bathhouse’.


Along with high ratings, the names of performers occupied the portal site’s real-time search terms and were at the center of the issue.

However, as the broadcasting environment changed, such as cable shorts and various competitors, the ratings and the topic fell.


After reorganizing the program in October 2018, Season 4 began.

 Yoo Jae-seok, Jeon Hyun-moo, Cho Se-ho, the ‘Happy Together’, was the MC. The program tried to put a special MC here, but recovery of viewership was not easy.


At the beginning of this year, “Happy Together 4”, which maintained an average audience rating of 2-4%, tried to make changes by TOEIC test challenge with the special feature of “Any Month,” a habit project.

From the broadcast on the 12th, Joon-il Yang and Roh Yeon-yeon were invited to return to the talk show format, but they did not catch the hearts of viewers.


Eventually, ‘Happy Together’ stops the season and begins to reorganize. The season ends after the airing on April 2, and has a pause. As recent talk shows are gradually disappearing, attention will be paid to what changes and concepts “Happy Together” will return to.

‘Happy Together Season 4’ is broadcast every Thursday at 11:10 pm.

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