How to eat ramen more deliciously disclosed by experts

In ‘Series M’, the secret to eating ramen is revealed.


 In the 4th episode of MBC ‘Series M-Byeulbyul Human Research Institute’, you will meet various people living with the revolution beyond food and ramen.


The Republic of Korea is the dominant number in the world with about 74 ramen consumption per capita per year.


One famous columnist says, ‘Ramen was just a revolution before simple food, and it was essential to the drama of our lives.’ How did ramen become a staple of Korean life beyond food?

On the same day, in the series M-Star Human Research Institute, people who have eaten some ramen, such as national actors and rich people, comedian Lee Kook-joo, star chef Jeong Ho-young, and mountaineer Uhm Hong-gil, talk about ramen from various angles.

A recipe for eating ramen more deliciously is also released. Korea’s representative ramen company developers gathered together.

From Jin Champon to Shin Ramyun Dried Noodles, The King Lid, and Chicken Fried Noodles, all of the ramen known by all the people were born in their hands.

Ramen has always been with the people in the turbulent history. During the industrialization period of the 1970s, the harsh reality of the 1980s, and even during the IMF, they gave strong comfort with hot soup.

Let’s listen to the stories of the hidden protagonists who made Korea’s today through the absolute food ramen that shared our joy and pleasure.

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