With the new Coronavirus Infectious Disease (Corona19), universities introduced online lectures for two weeks after the course began, and Sungkyunkwan University is collecting opinions for the introduction of full-scale online lectures in the first semester of this year.


An official from Sungkyunkwan University said on the 18th, “We are gathering opinions on the full online lecture due to Corona 19.”


An invited professor from Sungkyunkwan University delivered to Sungkyunkwan University’s faculty members in his social networking service (SNS). Think about which option to choose in this situation, and post a photo with the text of “Please respond immediately to the questionnaire that will be presented tomorrow morning (18th).”


In this regard, another professor, Sungkyunkwan University, who asked for anonymity, said in a call to the Herald Economy on the day that “now it is a step to gather opinions privately and a decision will be made this week.”


When these contents were posted on the school’s online community, students showed mixed appearances with pros and cons, such as ‘Are you a 5 million won cyber university?’ And ‘Korea’s most advanced university.’


An official from Sungkyunkwan University said in a call to the Herald Economy on the day that “it is under review, but there is no specific decision, and the situation may change, such as postponement of elementary, middle and high schools.

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