Tsuwi(twice) living in Taiwan because of Corona. Daily life disclosure

Twice Tsuwi is living in Taiwan.


On the 7th, TWICE announced “TWICE UNIV. Fashion Club Club ”. With that, TWICE communicated with the fans.


The members said, “This time, the schedule was canceled a lot, so Tsuwi went home, and today I suddenly made a V-App, so I met her with a (pictured) face.”


After that, the members greeted Tsuwi over the phone. “I’m in my hometown now, but I can’t go anywhere. I was isolated for 14 days. ”


“Once (Twice fan club), take good care of your health. “I hope you eat well and sleep well.” “I’m sorry I can’t perform the concert, but I still want this scary corona to pass.”


Taiwan, on the 24th of last month, upgraded the overseas travel destination epidemic rating to Korea in three stages. From the next day, it was recommended to self-contain for 14 days for those from Korea.



Tsuwi visited a house in Taiwan on the 3rd and was put into self-containment according to the policy, while Twice’s domestic concert, which was scheduled to be held in March, was canceled due to concerns about the spread of Corona19.



Tsuwi posted several photos on the 16th along with the article, “I ate it well. I’m not making it, but I’m doing well. I hope we can meet soon.”

In the photo, Tsuwi is holding his dog and staring at the camera. It is impressive for a modest look without dark makeup.

After Twice’s concert was canceled due to the Corona 19 incident, Tsuwi took a vacation and returned to her hometown of Taiwan.


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