US Embassy Suspends Regular Visa

Visits within 90 days are possible

The US embassy in Seoul said it would cease to work on regular visas on the 19th. However, the Visa Waiver Program (ESTA), which is operated for the purpose of short-term stay within 90 days, such as travel, is maintained.

The US embassy said in a press release released on the 18th that it will cancel the regular interview schedule for immigration and nonimmigrant visas on the 19th.

 The embassy explained the reason for the cancellation. “To respond to the global challenges of the corona epidemic, the US State Department will suspend regular visa work in countries where the State Department 2nd, 3rd and 4th Level Alerts have been issued.”

He added, “This does not affect the visa waiver program.” An official at the embassy said the reason for the ESTA system being maintained is “because there are no applicants entering the embassy.”

 The U.S. embassy’s actions are believed to have been influenced by the increasing number of sites that have been closed and quarantined because of the recent corona19 .

The Indonesian Embassy in Seoul was closed on the 28th of last month because a definite person passed near the building, and a definite person visited the Vietnamese embassy in Seoul to stop consular work on the 16th to 22nd.
The Mongolian Embassy in Seoul also confirmed a visitor and closed the consular post on the 17th. However, the United States has been reported to have been favorably evaluating Korea’s anti-corruption measures related to Corona19.


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