Where did you go in the aftermath of Corona 19?… Golf course’s floating population increased by 20%

Convenience store exceeded the level before the floating population of golf course.

The electronics store also recovered brightly due to the new product launch effect.

The number of visitors to golf courses and driving ranges has greatly increased as overseas travel has decreased.

The number of visitors to recreational forests and natural parks increased due to non-face-to-home work.

The drop in the floating population in the downtown areas of Daegu and Seoul … Gangneung and Jeju have turned to recovery.


After the infection of Daegu, Daegu’s floating population decreased 62% from the first week of December (34% less than the first week of February).

By region, the hit was 73.2% in Dongdaegu and 70.6% in Dongseong-ro, Daegu.

Gyeongbuk Province fell 41% (21% less than the week in February). In Gyeongju, 54.7% in Europe and the United States, 51.3% in Europe, the floating population has dropped significantly.

In Seoul, the floating population fell to 44%. It decreased 5% p from 39% in the first week of February, and the floating population in Gangbuk’s downtown area decreased markedly by 64.6% in Myeongdong, 63.6% in Jongno, and 63.2% in Namdaemun.

By region, the recovery of the floating population in the cities and commercial districts that had been hit in the early days of Corona, including Jeju and Gangwon, was clear.


The major hits by industry were in order of cultural center 87.8%, theater 85.8%, library 85.7%, club 83.3%, and wedding hall 79.8%.

On the other hand, in some industries, the current population increased rather than before Corona19. Typical industries are electronics repair, supermarkets, convenience stores, golf courses, and natural parks / recreation forests.

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