Seoul traffic hit ‘floor’ and rebound

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There is a prevailing opinion that it is necessary to maintain ‘social distance’ to prevent the spread of new coronavirus infection (corona19). However, the number of public transport users and traffic volume in Seoul was slightly increased.


According to the Seoul Metropolitan Government on the 19th, on the 9th to 12th of this month, the average daily public transportation use was 3,748,000 subway and 3,867,000 buses, and the traffic volume of cars was 5,828,000.


This is a slightly higher increase in all sectors than 3,666,000 subways, 3,814,000 buses, and 5,819,000 cars recorded weekdays two to six days ago.


It is not a significant increase, but some fear that the level of alertness may have decreased.

Seoul’s traffic volume has been greatly reduced since the Corona 19 crisis struck.


The average daily traffic on weekdays of January 1 to 19, which is the period before Corona 19, was 5,808,000 subways, 5,615,000 buses, and 6,273,000 cars.

Since the 23rd of last month, when the government upgraded the infectious disease crisis warning stage to the highest level, ‘severe’, almost a third has decreased.


The decreasing trend continued until the 2nd to 6th of the month following the next week, to spread social distance further. However, on the graph so far, this is the ‘floor’.


An official from Seoul City, who is conducting a social pause campaign, said, “I am grateful for the citizens’ participation in the inconvenience. I still want you to participate a little more as there is a lot of risk. Citizen participation is desperate.”.

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