Moon Ji-yoon and Lee Chi-hoon passed away from blood poisoning…. Spreading fear of acute septicemia?

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Soon after actor Moon Ji-yoon passed away on March 18 due to acute septicemia, the sudden death of BJ Lee Chi-hoon from ‘Ulzzang generation’ is also pointed out as acute septicemia, So that fear is spreading.

Moon Ji-yoon recently visited a hospital because he had a severe sore throat, but his condition became much worse. Two days later, he died of acute septicemia to shock the public. While Moon Ji-yoon’s findings are expected to be strictly enforced on the 20th, on the night of the 19th, BJ Lee Chi-hoon of Africa suddenly died from the worsening of lymphadenitis and shocked the public.

On the 13th, Lee Chi-hoon said that his red light came through his YouTube channel and social media.

He shared a message on the channel and said, “I’ve gotten some warning signals with my health. I went to the hospital the hospital two days ago because of lymphadenitis, but today severe fatigue added. I hope it’s not caused by Corona. “I don’t even have the power to grab a mouse, so I leave a notice on mobile.”

In fact, it was reported that Lee Chi-hoon was tested for new coronavirus infection (corona19) due to high fever before death, but the result was negative. However, afterwards, his condition worsened dramatically, and he was moved to the intensive care unit and eventually died.

Acute septicemia, which caused to death of two young men, Moon Ji-yoon and Lee Chi-hoon, is a disease that causes poisoning and systemic infections by toxins produced by bacteria infiltrating and multiplying in the blood. When a wound is formed on a body tissue or organ, an infection occurs, and the immune response appears strong at a life-threatening level.

The incidence is high in people who eat fish and shellfish raw or are infected through skin wounds and have weak immune functions.

 Since it is an acute bacterial disease, it is known that the disease progresses rapidly and the mortality rate reaches 60%.

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