Lee Hani date with Yoon Gye-sang

[Maeil Business Star Today Park Se-yeon]

Actress Lee Hani shared her daily life with Yoon Gye-sang.

Lee Ha-ni said on her Instagram on 21 March, “The length of day and night is the same. #The Spring Equinox. Afternoon tea. Flowers, Refreshments, Tea cups. Host’s efforts. Patience. Music. Poetry, and even Space… “I feel meaning and purpose after a long time.”

In the released pictures, there flowers, tea, refreshments, poetry, and dishes contain.

 The name written ‘Yoon Gye-sang’ next to ‘Lee Hani’ captivates attention. You can see that it was a date with her lover to show fans that there’s no problem with their relationship.

“It was a wonderful tea time owing to host’s careful service and consideration.”

Lee Hani added to convey a cheer message to the fans “I hope these days pass and the days when we can comfortably meet with our loved ones will come soon. Let’s all do our best!”.

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