MINO’s own song ‘Hold’ is set to release on 26 March

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The group WINNER’s MINO wrote and composed the pre-release song ‘Hold’ for the 3rd regular album.

WINNER’s agency YG Entertainment posted a credit poster for ‘Hold’ on its official blog at 9 am.m on 20 March.

According to this, MINO has written and composed the pre-release song ‘Hold’, which will be a signal of WINNER’s third regular album ‘Remember’. In addition, R.Tee participated in the composition and took the arrangement to improve the musical perfection.

MINO has steadily added strength to WINNER’s album producing. He wrote and composed ‘DON’T BE SHY’ in their previous mini-album ‘CROSS’. In addition, he participated in a total of four lyrics written on the album including this.

In particular, MINO released the first solo album ‘XX’, where he produced all the songs in 2018, and it made a huge impact in the music industry. This album’s title song ‘XX’ not only swept the top of various music charts, but also proved his mature musical ability.

R. Tee is a producer and DJ of YG subsidiary The Black Label.

 He has co-written numerous hit songs such as BIGBANG’s ‘Fxxk It’, Taeyang’s ‘Wake Me Up’, Black Pink’s ‘Playing With Fire’, and ‘DDU-DU DDU-DU’.

As ‘Hold’ is a song created by two talented musicians Song Min-ho and R. Tee who have created novel and colorful sound music, the expectations of fans are growing before it is released.

Meanwhile, WINNER’s upcoming song ‘Hold’ will be released on 26 March. Winner’s third regular album ‘Remember’ with a total of 12 songs will subsequently be released on 9 April.

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