Stray Kids’ concept image released… Upcoming Song ‘Mixtape : Even a fool would know that …

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Boy group Stray Kids has released a group photo that perfectly shows their antithetical concept.

Before the release of the new digital single ‘Mixtape: On the track’ on 25 March, Stray Kids shared a poster like a web drama to excite the expectations of the upcoming song. In addition, on 21 March, two group photos with 180-degree different charms were posted on the official SNS channel to thrill fans.

On the playground where the bright sun was shining, members showed off their energy with an innocent face, comfortably working on their shoulders and putting them on their backs.

In addition, they captivated viewers by blowing out the refreshment with the appearance of the boy’s beauty. On the other hand, in the photo against the backdrop of the setting sun fading, it created an atmosphere in which memories of the first love emerged and stimulated a vague emotion.

Their new song ‘Even a fool would know that(lit.)’ is a song that member Chang Bin showed off his musical talent by writing and composing. It expressed the desire to comfort a heart that desires love, dreams, goals, values and more. This is part of the ‘Mixtape Project’ announced in early 2019.

The ‘MixStape Project’ is a project that unravels the stories of people who are lost and wandered at the crossroads of life with the emotion of Stray Kids.

 Through this project, members show off their infinite musical talents and share views of the world.

In last December, the group introduced ‘Mixtape: Gone Days’ with a title that expresses ‘Conde –stands out ubervisor in Korean’ as pun. Its lyrics gathered topic, which Both ‘Teens’ tired of the repeating sermons and the older generation form a social consensus.

Meanwhile, Stray Kids’ new digital single ‘Mixtape: Even a fool would know that’ will open on March 25 at 6pm on various music sites.

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