Coming-back WINNER: Three points fans can look forward to

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Group WINNER’s pre-release song ‘Hold’ unveils on the 26th.

WINNER releases the pre-release title ‘Hold’ from the third regular album ‘Remember’ at 6 pm on this day. It is WINNER’s refreshing and thrilling spring song that returns in about 5 months after the 2019 mini albums ‘WE’ and ‘CROSS’.

WINNER, who has been building a wide musical spectrum, has attracted great attention by foretelling a new song released before the regular album for the first time since their debut.

▼ ‘WINNER-style’ Spring Song … Cheerful Beat

WINNER heralds delight. It is expected that the fresh and bright ‘WINNER-style’ spring song will bring fresh joy. ‘Hold’ witfully captures the psychology of a man toward a woman having a fling and the psychology of people around him flirting someone.

It is a trap genre of addictive melody and unique sound, and a cheerful song that will make your head nod and hum when you listen to it.

The variation of the drop part with explosive energy enhances the dramatic atmosphere of the song.

WINNER’s relaxed voice that seems to speak here adds to the fun of listening. For those who are tired of stuffy and repetitive daily life, ‘Hold’ will breathe fresh spring energy for a moment.

▼ The comic MV for ‘Hold’

WINNER enhances the mood of the song with a joyful music video. Leader Kang Seung-yun expressed this as “the family sitcom’. It is a fun element to find the codes of laughter hidden all over the music video.

AKMU’s Lee Soo-hyun made an appearance as a special guest in the music video. WINNER members and Lee Soo-hyun performed a historical comic performance of the concept of ‘4 boys and 1 girls’. The story of the younger sister Lee Soo-hyun and his brothers (WINNER) who want to interfere with her relationship was drawn. Their sly and lovely acting is enough to evoke the smiles of the viewers.

▼ Song Min-ho’s own composition + ‘Finger dance’ Craze

‘Hold’ is getting more attention as it is the first prerelease title of WINNER written and composed by Song Min-ho. Song Min-ho has been proud of his musical ability through WINNER’s album and solo album. Especially in ‘Hold’, Song Min-ho’s unique wit and trendy, hip sensibility are buried deep. The unique color of Song Min-ho’s light and addictive melody, charming lyrics, and unique sound have been completed.

‘Finger Dance’, which was created by Song Min-ho, who earned the nickname of ‘Songrak(Song with mighty finger) in TVN’s variety show ‘Ode to the West’, is also a topic.

The cute ‘Finger Dance’ that appeared in the chorus part of ‘Hold’ was very popular with the teaser just before the main release of the music video.

 The advantage is that you can follow along with your loved ones, friends, family, or you can do it alone. There are already signs of craze, regardless of age and nationality.

WINNER’s third regular album ‘Remember’ and its pre-release title ‘Hold’, will be released today (26th) at 6pm. WINNER will perform their first stage through WINNER COMEBACK LIVE: Hold a ‘Remember’ Party on 30 March at 9 PM.

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