Jo Kwon cover-danced TWICE’s “Feel Special”

[Mail Business Star Today Lee Jae-eun]

Singer Jo Kwon completely covered TWICE and announced the return of ‘Kkap Kwon’.

Jo Kwon said on his Instagram on 25 March, “How long I have endured much while in the military? Like to share Jo Kwon Dance #TWICE #feelspecial #kpop ”and posted a video.

In the released video, Jo Kwon is performing a brilliant dance movement in line with the song of TWICE’s “Feel Special”. As he was famous as No. 1 in the girl group cover dance under the nickname of ‘Kkap Kwon’ in the past, unusual dance lines and innate meals attract attention.

Earlier, Jo Kwon answered a question asking an entertainment competitor in the SBS entertainment information program ‘New Late Night E-News’ aired on this day, “I’ve been told a lot of such questions, but there was no such rivals.”

Jo Kwon continued, “I should work hard as I thought Jo Kwon should be me myself. I still have a lot to show you.” Meanwhile, Jo Kwon enlisted in August 2018 and served as a military band. Jo Kwon, who had fulfilled his duty of defense for one year and six months, was discharged without returning from leave in accordance with the Ministry of National Defense guidelines to prevent the spread of coronavirus on 24 March.

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