Musical film ‘Hero’ confirmed to release in summer

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The musical movie ‘Hero’ confirmed release in summer and shared posters and trailers for the first time.

On March 26, CJ Entertainment revealed the poster and trailer together. ‘Hero’ is a film that deals with the final year of the Korean independence activist, Ahn Jung-geun, after he shot Hirobumi Ito at Harbin, China in October 1909 and was sentenced to death by a Japanese court in October 1909.

‘Hero’ is director Yoon Je-kyoon’s latest work following his previous films ‘Haeundae’, ‘Ode To My Father’, and is based on the musical of the same name. The movie is the first-ever musical film in Korea.

In a released poster, the copy “I am not a terrorist.”  “I am the captain of the Korean Independence Army”, makes readers feel a lump in their throat.

In addition, the 1st trailer provides a strong sense of immersion by expressing Ahn Jung-geun’s last year rapidly, from the time of preparing the rebellion to the moment when he died. The trailer containing the moments from Rushun prison in China, on the day of his execution sentence, and back on 26 October, 1909 when he shot Hirobumi and sentenced to death in Japanese court, Ito in the form of Ahn Jung-geun on the day of the death penalty raises the curiosity about the hidden story of Ahn Jung-geu, who silently walked his way for the independence of his country.

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