Park Jin-young at ‘The Most Beautiful Moment in Life’:”Wish this would be the most beautiful moment in my life”

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GOT7’s Park Jin-young revealed why he was attracted to ‘The Most Beautiful Moment in Life’ and his sincere thoughts about the character.

TVN’s new Saturday and Sunday drama ‘The Most Beautiful Moment in Life: When My Love Blooms’ (written by Jeon Hee-young, directed by Son Jung-hyun) is the last love letter painted by Jae-soo (Yoo Ji-tae) and Ji-soo (Lee Bo-young), who met again after a beautiful first love passed and everything changed. This drama acts in a different way which Yu Ji-tae, Park Jin-young and Lee Bo-young, Jeon So-ni, each couple play one character, attracting the attention of prospective viewers.

Park Jin-young plays a role as Han Jae-Hyun in his 20’s.

He is a character with quick judgment, coldness, and overflowing justice, and will meet Yun Ji-soo (Jun So-ni) to experience a change of emotion and draw a beautiful first love story. Not only that, but the fresh college students themselves shows their passion for youth, raising their expectations even more.

Park Jin-young said, “Han Jae-hyun is the owner of a personality that digs into the deepest depths when he falls in something. The appearance of showing a constant passion not only for his or her beliefs but also for his loved ones has approached with charm. ”

As soon as Park Jin-young saw the title of “The Beautiful Moment in Life”, he read the script with excitement about how it would be described the most beautiful flower-like moment in life. When the palpitation was changed to excitement, the drama came in a special way.”

“I want to show acting that many people can relate to by drawing the fierce situation in the work and the love that blooms in it. I hope this drama will be the most beautiful moment in my acting life.”

You can watch Park Jin-young’s work to portray a bright youth, the first love, in the upcoming tvN’s Saturday and Sunday drama ‘The Beautiful Moment in Life’, which Is set to premiere after currently airing series ‘Hi Bye, Mama!’ in April.

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