Joo Ji-hoon put his influence to good use by encouraging youth to vote

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Actors Joo Ji-hoon and Kim Hye-jun, who have driven K-drama craze around the world with the Netflix original series ‘Kingdom 2’, participated in the campaign to promote this year’s legislative election in South Korea.

In the video released on March 28, Joo Ji-hoon and Kim Hye-jun filled the blank with ‘LIFE’ and ‘SPRING’ respectively, in “NO VOTE NO ( )” of the T-shirt written in the “Gift Set for Voting” box delivered by the organizers.

After writing “NO VOTE NO LIFE,” Joo Ji-hoon said “The 21st Legislative Election is going to be held on April 15. Your valuable votes can make Korea better.

If you don’t have the time on the day, you can vote in advance on April 10 and 11 anywhere in the country without prior application. Please vote.”

Kim Hye-jun, who drew a picture of a flower, said, “I expressed spring as a flower,” and continued “It would be difficult to meet warm spring day without a vote.”

Kim Hyejun continued, “What kind of Korea do you want? Do you want to create a country where everyone can live healthy and happy, and there is a fair chance for everyone who is happy for children and the elderly? Please vote on April 15! You don’t have time? On April 10 and 11, you can vote in advance anywhere in the country without prior application. I am going to pick the representative I want. Please vote! “

Joo Ji-hoon and Kim Hye-jun appeared in “Kingdom 2”, currently released through Netflix. In addition to promote Korean traditional culture such as Hanbok and Gat to the world, they have been leading the K-zombie syndrome. Despite their busy schedules, the two willingly joined the campaign to encourage the vote as they agreed with the organizers’ intentions

Under the purpose of the campaign to encourage voting for the upcoming 21st National Assembly elections to be held on April 15, “Let’s pick well and take good pictures” is a meaningful project in which stars from all walks of life donated their talents in a non-guarantee manner with the pure intention of participating in the vote.

Most of all, this year, due to the worldwide COVID-19 issue, instead of taking group photo, they delivered “Gift Set for Voting” to each of the stars. Instead of a group shooting, the relay campaign was conducted with videos sent by stars from the waiting room and directly from home. Starting with Lee Soon-jae on March 16, the campaign videos taken by the stars will be released sequentially until early April through SNS, YouTube, and portal sites of the Central Election Management Committee.

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