BTS’s Jimin comforts fans suffering from the pandemic

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BTS’s member Jimin showed his airport fashion for the fans who are tired of COVID-19 (a new type of coronavirus infection).

Jimin communicated with ARMY through Naver VLIVE on the 30th. Jimin, who wore his favorite hat and facemask on a naked face, wearing a jacket he bought last year for airport fashion, talked to fans for about an hour before his next schedule.

Jimin, who got up late and couldn’t have breakfast, ordered kimchi fried rice and pork cutlet before live, and showed his mukbang. Jimin said that eating is so enjoyable these days, showed his mukbang, “I eat well when I don’t have an appetite, and even when I’m sick.”

While eating, he referred to various menus mentioned by fans and said, “I love the combination of baked pork belly and cool noodle.” He also said that he had fun visiting a cart bar he was curious about when he was young, with friends last year.

Jimin also made a surprise phone call with the members for fans who were curious about the status of the members during the broadcast. When he was asked to recommend a song in his playlist in these days, Jimin sang a song by Lauv in short.

 “You guys, watch outside while listening to this song when you go home after work, it’s really good,” he said.

Jimin promised, “Today it was a broadcast that as I am pleased to follow the flow of consciousness, but next time I’ll come around in a nice look instead of being ugly. Those who are outside now, don’t forget to wear mask, listen to the songs of my recommendations. Hope you have a good day.” He also emphasized wearing a mask.

Jimin made fans thrilling to show cat walks, and promised to prepare different clothes for the concept of the day next time.

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