Style up your closet and visit these places in Hongdae!

So, you plan on visiting South Korea or maybe you’re already in South Korea? What should be one of the first things on your bucket list? Visiting Hongdae Shopping Street of course!

This area of Seoul is well known for its street performers, restaurants and fashion outlets. Upon arrival you will find that this street is always populated with many visitors during all times of the day or no matter the weather. If you’ve ever been to this shopping street, then you’ll know that there are too many clothing stores to talk about, but if you haven’t this article will highlight some of the few hidden gems where you are bound to find what your style needs.

Korean fashion and style are very unique and meaningful to each individual. You will notice that fashion choices are based on quality and functionality. The first location on the list would be:

  1. Aland
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Aland is a personal favorite because the clothes are a more sophisticated mix of Zara and H&M. The quality of the clothes is sturdy, and the design is very technical, but beautifully crafted. Aland is also a chain, so there are stores spread out in multiple locations of Seoul. If you ever see someone in the street and wonder what they are wearing, then it most likely might have come from Aland.

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  • Eun
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Eun is a relatively small store on a small side road of the main Hongdae Shopping Street. It is the definition of a hidden gem. The store is mostly marketed to female consumers, though male customers are welcome. If you are a huge fan of DollsKill, then this store is the perfect dupe for great finds. Its colorful arrangement of clothing styles will draw you in and allow you to dress adorably cute, feisty and fashionable (Many buskers shop in this store for their street performance outfits).

  • Playground
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Creatrip | Hongdae|M PlayGround

One of the statements stores in Hongdae Shopping Street is Playground. Like Aland, it is a chain, so you will find that there are a lot of stores like this around. This store is mostly dedicated to those who are drawn to street style fashion. This store offers jewelry, bags, and apparel in an abundance of sizes. You will mostly see people wearing this style in Hongdae because it is mostly for the Hip-hop oriented consumers. The pricing for this place is also fairly cheap.

  • Odd Gallery
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Another personal favorite is another hidden gem where you’re bound to find some of Koreas social media designers fashionable clothing. If you have ever wondered where your favorite Korean model or public figure got their clothing, then it was most likely at a hidden gem like Odd Gallery. They offer: More than Dope, ESC Studio, and many other up-in-coming Korean designers. The styles they offer are unusual for everyday wear and are mostly targeted towards fashion-oriented people. If you are not afraid to wear bold colors, technical designs and whimsical concepts then Odd Gallery in Hongdae is the place for you.

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