Jang Ki-yong said to be excited about playing dual roles in upcoming drama ‘Born Again’

[Maeil Business Star Today Yang So-young]

Actor Jang Ki-yong talked about his new roles in ‘Born Again’.

KBS2’s new Monday and Tuesday series “Born Again” (directed by Jin Hyung-wook, playwright Jeong-mi, production UFO production, Monster Union) will be a mystery melodrama that follows three people whose lives are intertwined across two lifespans.

Jang Ki-yong plays a double role of Gong Ji-cheol, who tries to avoid a given fate in the 1980s, and Chun Jong-beom, an elite medical student with a prosecutor’s father in the present world. As his expectations were raised for his new transformation, he said, “The script was really fun. Not only the story itself, but also the characters felt very strong and charming. “No one is ordinary.”

“In addition, I was also attracted to the challenge of playing two completely different characters. It may seem a little strange at first, but I am looking forward to seeing a different look from the roles I have played so far. ”

In particular, “I wanted to try one and two roles in that I can show a variety of appearances. In the 1980s, Gong Ji-cheol was a lonely person. On the other hand, the character Cheon Jong-bum is an elite medical student full of passion. Because I am acting two completely different characters, I tried to change the way I speak, my eyes, and my external appearances.”

He added, “’Born Again’ has the emotional romance and exciting suspense that you don’t want to miss. I am sure you can also enjoy the fun of the genre mystery reincarnation romance. Since we are shooting hard, so please wait a little longer until April. ”

‘Bon Again’, which is expected to show a different aspect of Jang Ki-yong, will premiere on April 20 at 10 pm

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