WINNER announced tracklist for 3rd full album ‘Remember’ with members’ solo songs, special tracks & more

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The tracklist for the group WINNERs third regular album ‘Remember’ has been released. This upcoming album contains 12 tracks total including title song ‘Remember’ and their pre-release ‘hold’ and have already signaled heavy reverberation.

According to YG Entertainment on 1 April, WINNER’s third regular album ‘Remember’ had a short but intense meaning of ‘Let’s remember each other’.

In order to fulfill the duty of defense, two members Kim Jin-woo and Lee Seung-hoon of WINNER will be bidding fans goodbye for a short while soon with their mandatory military enlistments coming up.

Each member participated in writing and composing songs, adding a message to the fans to the music and adding authenticity.

The title song ‘Remember’ following the pre-release song ‘Hold’ was written and composed by Song Min-ho (co-composed by Kang Wook-jin and Diggy). It is a ballad genre that adds Song Min-ho’s unique emotional melody and lyrics to the guitar performance. Song Min-ho said, “We pressed the whole heart of WINNER.”

The second track ‘Dduk’ also caught the public’s attention. ‘Dduk’ is Kim Jin-woo’s solo trak. The song has lyrics written by Kang Seung-yoon and music co-composed by YG producer AiRPLAY and Kang Seung-yoon. The song is described by the word Dduk(Stop crying) expressing the feeling as a couple facing separation.

Fans have been even more excited as Lee Seung-hoon’s first self-composed solo song titled ‘Serenade’ was also included in the track list.

‘Serenade’ which has often been shown on the concert stage and year-end awards ceremony, is a song that feels the explosive energy of Lee Seung-hoon on the exciting and dynamic sound. It is expected that music fans will respond more and more as it is officially released in the digital version after about 5 years.

In addition, WINNER members showed off their talents as artists by composed music and lyrics for all songs such as ‘Just Dance’, ‘My Bad’, ‘Teaser’, and ‘Well’. WINNER’s broad music spectrum from Dance, R & B, rap & hip-hop, and to ballad has been fully unveiled this time.

YG said, “The four special tracks including ‘Empty’, ‘Don’t Flirt’, ‘Color Ring’ and ‘Different’ have been re-recorded with the voices of the four members Kang Seung-yun, Kim Jin-woo, Song Min-ho and Lee Seung-hoon. These tracks and eight new songs will make a gift-like album for all WINNER’s fans, summarizing the group’s 6 years of history.”

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