PLAYLIST: Stress-relieving songs for quarantine

The Coronavirus situation has led to lockdowns for a great number of countries. As it may be seen as vacations, after several days or weeks at home we all start to feel boredom during this self-isolation period. Here is a playlist to relax and enjoy music while reading, drawing or laying in your bed!

1. PREP feat. Shownu, So!YoON! – Don’t Look Back; October 2018
This collaboration of the Londer band, the singer Shownu from Monsta X and the indie artist So!YoON!, gives us the late-night drive a night vibe we need after a gloomy day.

2. OFFONOFF – 춤 (Dance); July 2017
The duet consists of 0Chanel (DJ and producer) and Colde (Vocal, Composer). This band became popular through the former hip-hip crew Club Eskimo with artists such as Dean, Millic, Punchnello, Zico and Crush
Dance is surely the most iconic song with 12 million views on Youtube.
This harmonious combination of synthesizer, the lead electric guitar by Cosmo Pyke and the vocals give us a tasteful piece of mood.

3. Jeebanoff feat sogumm – We(oui); April 2017
This young producer and singer-songwriter became popular in the hip-hop scene in 2017, with the track 진심 (Truth). The new Aomg member, sogumm has joined him on the track, which creates a pleasing vocal contrast. “We” depicts a love story that ends up badly due to the urge of their passionate feelings.

4. Chai (이수정) feat pH-1 – Give and Take; June 2019
Chai is the winner of Kpop star season 5, but she officially debuted last summer with her first single album “Give and Take”.
This slow-jam R&B track describes the warmth yet vulnerability of being in love. It is featured with pH-1, a rising rapper from H1GHR MUSIC, who gained popularity on Show the Money 777

5. The Black Skirts – 섬 (Queen of Diamonds); March 2019
The Black Skirts (검정치마) is a K-indie band, well-known for its straightforward lyrics and rock tones. The band debuted in 2008 but caught attention to the mainstream audience in 2017, with the album Team baby.
The term “Some” (썸), in Korean, defines a situation when 2 persons are romantically interested in each other but not officially dating.

6. Loopy&Nafla – Woke up like this; June 2019
The LA-based rappers from Mkit Rain released this track last summer from the album “LooFla”.
This jazzy-boom-bap sound has been well-received by their fans, after starting the “Woke up like this challenge”. Loopy and Nafla asked their followers to take pictures or videos of themselves right after waking up. A nice way to interact with their community!

7. Jay Park – Dank; September 2018
The multitalented-artist and CEO of the label AOMG and H1GHR MUSIC, surprised his fans by releasing a single album called “V’ which features the tracks “V” and “Dank”.
Dank is a dreamy-mellow track with R&B vocals. The producer is called Thruxday/Mokyo, he has produced songs for artists such as Loco, G.Soul/Golden, or Baek Yerin.

Which track caught your attention? If you want more new artists in our upcoming playlists, let us know in the comments below or on our Instagram page

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