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South Korea’s fashion industry is one of the most progressive and well managed internationally. They have an environment where not only citizens enjoy the clothing, but travelers do as well. Almost as if there is a magical energy in the air that transforms you into understanding Korean style and fashion.

The fashion scene in Seoul has gone through many periods of change. It is more different than the fashion you’d see somewhere else in South Korea because it is a busy, energetic and culturally diverse city. Many foreigners visit locations in Seoul and interact with citizens, thus exchanging cultural information. Once this information is exchanged the styles among both groups slowly begin to shift and adapt to modern-contemporary times.

Also, take note that the fashion in Seoul is split up based on these locations: Hongdae, Itaewon and Gangnam. Each of these areas of Seoul is known for creating its own personal vibe for those who go there often. You’ll find one of the best malls with the largest variety of trendy styles at Coex Mall in Gangnam, but you’ll also see some very high-stores and people who like to show off their designer apparel. Hongdae is more urban-like, where younger and more hip people go to show off their street-style.

Fun fact if you love KPOP, Hongdae is also another renown shopping area in Seoul that attracts a lot of attention for its street performers known as ‘Buskers’. If you are a huge fan of KPOP, then Hongdae might be the place for you to visit and see the dancers. You might end up getting called to dance with them. As for Itaewon, it is a mix of individuals from Hongdae and Gangnam, whose styles intertwine into a casual classy look. This area is quite famous among foreigners because a lot of the shops have workers who speak excellent English for those travelers who haven’t learned Korean yet.

Now that you know the fashion styles of Korea in their respective areas, the perfect time to visit would be during Seoul Fashion Week. This is an event held twice every year at Dongdaemun History & Culture Park. The plaza holds runway shows of South Koreas most famous fashion designers and upcoming designers. The event itself if not free, although you can still hang out in the plaza and see all the unique individuals strut their stuff down the large ramp practically created for a photoshoot.

There is also a huge projector screen that shows live runways shows if you cannot purchase tickets for the show. You’ll also be able to take photographs of models after their show and also may end up getting your picture taken for just hanging around the vicinity. SFW is definitely a highlight if you are a fashion enthusiast.

If you are a fashion lover, then Seoul, South Korea is one of the places that you need on your bucket list. The country has many different areas for you to change, adapt or learn how to find yourself. You will make many friends for something as simple as liking the same designers or wearing the same brand. People have yet to realize the power South Korea holds in the fashion industry and other global ventures, the only way they will find out is by traveling to the country and experiencing the beauty itself.

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