Ahn Bo-hyeon takes Se-hoon for camping and Mukbang on ‘I Live Alone’

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Ahn Bo-hyun revealed his everyday life and invite Sehun for camp trip on ‘I Live Alone’.

During the episode of MBC’s entertainment program ‘I Live Alone’ aired on 3 April, actor Ahn Bo-hyun planning out a camping trip with his close friend Sehun was portrayed.

The two ended up flying drones and started making Dalgona coffee. Sehun enjoyed making dalgona for the first time and said, “It’s so much fun.”

Sehun started a game to make dalgona with Ahn Bo-hyun and immediately made a heart-shaped one, but soon after he dropped it and made a long face.

Ahn Bo-hyun excitedly asks Sehun, “Have you ever tried dalgona coffee?” Dalgona coffee is a frothy whipped coffee drink that has become a recent trend online. Sehun doubted and asked the actor “Isn’t it a hidden camera?” after finally making enough froth with a lot of vigorous mixing.

Ahn Bo-hyun, who placed froth carefully on top to finish dalgona coffee, looked displeased at Sehun’s coffee which was made roughly.

After tasting the coffee made by stirring dozens of times, Ahn Bo-hyun laughed and said, “I will never drink it again.” Then as he cooked meat and webfoot octopus while watching the sunset, he finished cooking with a torch. Sehun was impressed saying, “I watched the sunset when I made my first debut in 2012, and this seems like my first time watching the sunset since then.”

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