“I AM SOMI” Jeon Somi tests out her dream Lamborghini car

[Mail Business Star Today Shin Young-eun]

Singer Jeon So-mi has been reborn as the best driver through her own real variety show ‘I AM SOMI’.

Jeon Somi unveiled the second episode of her solo reality show “I AM SOMI”: “Day of finally getting a dream car” on the official YouTube channel of the Black Label on Friday. In episode 2, Jeon Somi, who signed up for driving school and tested out her dream car, made the audience laugh.

Jeon So-mi, who visited the driver’s license test center to obtain a license, wasn’t able to hide her excitement from the beginning, saying “My dream car is yellow” even before riding a yellow test car.

Jeon So-mi, who got into the driver’s seat and turned on the engine, boasted an unusual affinity, taking a selfie with the driving instructor sitting next to her, saying “I only need to take a picture before I leave.”

Even during the tense driving practice, Jeon So-mi looked relaxed and was even praised by her instructor for perfectly doing the T-shaped parking.

After taking the test and successfully obtaining a license, Jeon So-mi visited a car shop for a trial ride. Jeon So-mi, who received a dream car in real life, expressed her excitement by crying of happiness.

Jeon So-mi, who ride her dream car, completed her first successful drive with impeccable parking skills.

Meanwhile, Jeon So-mi will continue to communicate with the fans by revealing her daily life at the age of 20 through Saturday’s reality show ‘I AM SOMI’.

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