The Nth Room case

The Nth room is a sexual crime that happened online in South Korea between 2018 and 2020. The name is a reference to the multiple secret chatrooms opened to distribute sexually-oriented videos and pictures with a number of 260,000 reported-users.
“Baska” and his collaborators have lured over 103 women including at least 26 teenagers with job offers and finally blackmailed them to send them explicit content. The perpetrators called their victims “slaves” and they threatened them to send personal videos to their relatives if they did not want to upload regular explicit content of themselves. For now, there are over 260,000 paid-users who have entered these chatrooms.

On 20th March, the Seoul Metropolitan agency caught the main perpetrators Cho Joo Bin a.k.a “Baksa” (Doctor in Korean). Amongst thirteen of Baksa’s accomplices, four have been imprisoned.
These past 2 years, several sexual crimes, such as the “Burning Sun” scandal or the hidden cameras in the public bathrooms, have occurred in South Korea. The public opinion has requested to disclose the information of all the suspects with a petition that has now about 3 million supporters.

Many celebrities have expressed their thoughts and anger about this outrageous crime.

The singer Eric Nam, wrote on his Instagram story “Something like this can never happen again.

Former member of Jewelry shared her feelings an Instagram story after receiving direct messages from concerned fans, “Thank you to everyone who sent me a DMs informing me about this! I blocked him right away!! Let’s all live in a clean world without any trash.” 

Ga In from Brown Eyed Girls posted a screenshot on saying “Okay! I blocked him, the **** ****!!!

VIXX’s Ravi took part in the petition saying “I don’t want the people I love to live in such a frightening world.”  
EXID’s LE also shared a screenshot on Instagram written in red “Does this make any sense….?I’m furious. It doesn’t take long. Please sign it.

Though, Korean people are asking the Police to reveal more assaulters then to undergo severe actions.
Last Monday, the defense ministry announced to strengthen the use of mobile during the army service after a soldier has been involved in this online blackmail crime. Authorities have found about 15,000 users of the chatrooms, and are actively tracking them down.

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