Apink released full tracklist for 9th mini album ‘LOOK’…

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Apink will make a comeback with the new song ‘DumhDurum’.

The management agency Play M Entertainment announced the full tracklist for upcoming album ‘LOOK’ through Apink’s official SNS and fan cafe at 00:00 on 6 April.

‘Dumhdurum’ is the title track on Apink’s new album, and the released track list contains the name of 6 more songs ‘Yummy’, ‘Be Myself’, ‘Love is Blind’, ‘Overwrite’, ‘I love your every moment’, ‘Everybody Ready?’.

Chosen as the title song by Apink, ‘Dumhdurum’, was made by Jeon Goon and Black Eyed Pilseung, the musician team that led Apink’s concept transformation through ‘I’m So sick’ and “’%% (Eung EungYes)’. The album also draws attention by including songs ‘I love your every moment’ written by Park Chorong and Jung Eunji, and fan song ‘Everybody Ready?’ released in 2019.

The agency explained, “The new song ‘Dumhdurum’ is an addictive dance song with the meaning of ‘My heart is calm when the love is gone’ in the word ‘Dumhdurum’, and you will be able to get a glimpse of Apink’s new charm.”

Apink’s new album ‘LOOK’ is taking ‘I’ as the theme and contains the meaning of ‘I will love my true self and I will live up to what I see”. Through this album Apink plans to show their unique charms and concept.

Apink is set to release the 9th mini album ‘LOOK’ and is ready to make a comeback on 13 April.

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