Between art, sport and nightlife: the Haeundae Sand festival

Anyone who spends some time in Busan knows about Haeundae Beach. Haeundae is one of the most famous beaches of the city and is surrounded with events all year round. A festival takes place there every year around the end of May: The Haeundae Sand Festival.

During this festival, Haeundae becomes a place of art, collective sports and night life. Sand artists from all around the world come to participate to the event and create beautiful pieces all centered around the theme of the year!

One of the sand sculptures of the festival in 2018

If you’re not a renowned artist yourself, don’t worry about it as you’ll still be able to participate to small games of sand sculptures, and if you’re not feeling very creative just sit back with your feet in one of the hot sand baths and relax while watching other visitors participate to beach sports contests or even try to survive the dreadful water gun fight. Beware you might get some water on yourself even though you don’t consider yourself to be a participant, this is a risky game to watch, don’t say you haven’t been warned!

By walking a little further away from the actual beach, you will have the possibility to cheer to the street parades, buy souvenirs from the Art market or enjoy one of the many restaurants of the main street and the coast.

Got no time during the day? No problem as you’ll be able to enjoy even more events at night time! Between fireworks and illuminations on the sculptures, you won’t feel disappointed by the unique night view.

On the last day of the festival, the nightlife gets at its peak with a special outdoor concert lasting all night long, usually with schools performing before a special guest singer and a dance party with a DJ to end this 3 days-long event.

If you’re in Busan during this time of the year, you definitely shouldn’t miss the Haeundae sand festival!

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