Henry’s 12th debut anniversary

[Maeil Business Star Today Seong Jung-eun]

Fabulous violinist, singer & artist Henry celebrates his 12th debut anniversary with his fans.

He will be hosting hosting a live concert “Live Special” through various social networking services (SNS) today (8th).

The live will be conducted through the official Facebook and Instagram at 8pm and the Chinese version of TikTok, Douyin at 11:00 pm. This ‘Henry’s 12th Anniversary Special Live Show’, which has 2 parts planned, is specially organized as a debut commemoration, and it is expected to present meaningful gifts to fans.

In addition, the two live concerts, each composed of different songs, will showcase the colorful charm of talented artist Henry through rich music and various performances.

“With all the support and love I’ve received so far, I planned a live stream with a variety of performances and special selections. Through this live performance, I will look back on the precious memories with my fans” said Henry.

Henry’s live series, which has been steadily shared through the official SNS, has received a great response from fans all over the world, so the expectations for the “Special Live Show” are rising today. In particular, when the new of two live performances on the same day came out, fans responded with comments such as “It’s a gift-like day”, “Henry, a master of live performance”, and “Henry who gives us a gift like this”.

Meanwhile, Henry’s special live, which marks the 12th anniversary of his debut, will be held in two series each at 8pm through official Facebook / Instagram and at 11pm through the Chinese version of Tic-Tok, Douyin.

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