Jang Bumjun , BOL4 to Park Kyung, Peppertones… Final lineup of ‘Beautiful Mint Life 2020’ confirmed

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‘Beautiful Mint Life Music Festival’ announced additional 10 teams in its final lineup.

This music festival will be held on May 16 and 17 for two days at Olympic Park, the festival has released 32 teams of artists including Jang Beom-Jun, Daybreak, Soran, N-Flying, 10CM, Younha, Eric Nam, Jung Seung-Hwan, BOL4, Jung Jun-il, Kwon Soon-Kwan, Paul Kim and Peppertones through the previous lineup announcement.

On April 7, additional 10 teams of artists were introduced and the final lineup of 42 teams of colorful spectrum was completed.

First, hip-hop-based artists stand out.

Musician Park Kyung from BlockB, who has reached the peak of the music chart beyond the hip-hop world, and now stands out in many ways, joined the final lineup. In addition, Grizzly who are showing various performances through vocals, rap, and songwriting and Balming Tirger, winner of the Korean Hip Hop Awards 2020 Music Video also made their name in the lineup..

Yoon Seok-cheol Trio, a 10-year veteran jazz artist and demonstrating activity in other various fields, was the first to be confirmed for the music festival in 2020. In addition, sensuous artists who have decorated listeners’ playlists such as LambC, dosii, Boramiyu, and recently emerging bands such as Lacuna and BulgogiDisco, have joined the final lineup.

The official theme song to be made only for ‘Beautiful Mint Life’ is also a thrilling point for music fans. ‘Beau-Min-Life Song’, composed by singer-songwriter Jung Dong-hwan, and written by Jang Hee-won of the same label MeloMance has already made the minds of the viewers seem to be in the middle of May.

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